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Latest Arrivals

Focus by Dave Forrest

Dave Forrest's 'FOCUS' - an inexplicable drawing duplication...and SO much more.

The Man Who Knows by Liam Montier & Matthew Lingard

An incredible, self-working prediction using custom mini-postcards and a borrowed, shuffled deck.

Simplimental with Mark Elsdon

'Simplimental' - Eight, incredible mentalism routines that are all quickly learned and easy-to-do.

The Trilby Deck

More than a pack, the Trilby Deck is a whole gaffed deck SYSTEM that allows unparalleled freedom in performance.

Any Shuffled Deck, Self Working, Impromptu Miracles!

Every single routine featured can be done from a borrowed shuffled deck, with no sleight of hand or prior setup needed..

The Spell-O-Matic Deck

With the Spell-O-Matic deck you spell to cards just NAMED by the audience! No forces and no sleight of hand!

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