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Visualise by Liam Montier

Visualise by Liam Montier

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Visualise by Liam Montier - A totally self-working Triumph routine. Their THOUGHT OF card is the only face up card in the pack. No sleight of hand, no mis-indexed cards, no forces!

Comes with special deck on Bicycle Stock.

Liam Montier has taken a classic principle and mashed it up with some killer handling to create a monster of a routine. It's so hands off and clean that it really does look like real magic.

Visualise is the classic ‘Triumph’ - but turbocharged to the nines.  A deck is genuinely shuffled face-up into face-down, and a spectator THINKS of a card in the deck.  You reveal their selection with NO questions… and then the deck straightens itself out, apart from the freely named card!  No forces, no sleight of hand, no kidding - this is the cleanest triumph you’ve ever seen!

BONUS - Rules of the Game - Liam is also going to teach you a vintage Roy Walton gem, but updated to use the Visualise Deck. This new handling simplifies the handling, streamlines the effect AND makes it super easy! This faux gambling game will play beautifully one-on-one, but also work as a party piece with lots of people crowding round and joining in. It's a real doozy for performing in almost any environment.

Running Time - 36mins

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