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Dead Rebel Productions

The Painting by Dead Rebel Productions!

The Painting by Dead Rebel Productions!

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'The Painting' is a brand new and KILLER release from Dead Rebel Productions!

This is an off-beat and super deceptive mentalism / bizarre routine where your spectators free choices are influenced by a mysterious painting and poem.

The handling is self-working, impossibly clean and has no rough and smooth, no sleights or moves, and no maths.  

Present it as a darker piece with Simon's back story from the trailer, or more straight up as an example of how easily we can be influenced by art and literature.

The set includes the picture cards housed in a custom card box, together with two prints which feature the birds of paradise on one side, and the poem on the other, all stored in a larger, handcrafted storage box, and features the full explanation, together with bonus handlings, taught by Liam Montier. 


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