About us

Who are you guys?

We are the Kaymar Magic Shop. Established in 1953 by Joe Stuthard and Harry Baron, and named after their wives (Kay and Mary), we've been general magic dealers ever since.


Joe Stuthard eventually left Kaymar to become the greatest Svengali pitch man of ALL TIME, and left Harry Baron to run Kaymar, over time furnishing it with a whole host of his original tricks, routines and variations.  

During his time with the business, he mentored Simon Lovell, and together they released a large catalogue of Simon's excellent tricks, that Kaymar still proudly holds the rights to today.  

When Harry Baron died, the Kaymar business was taken over by Morley Budden, and his wife Barbara. They moved the shop to Upminster, and there it sat for many years, becoming a local hub for magicians, with the infamous Thursday Night Sessions with Simon Lovell, Mike Austin, and many more!

Morley and Barbara eventually retired to Spain, and the business was taken over by Alban and Lyn Unsworth, who headed the shop up to Nuneaton, where they continued the Kaymar tradition and introduced many new products and lines, and offered continual support the community, appearing at conventions and dealer days all over the UK.

As of February 2016, Kaymar was purchased and is now run by Liam Montier (who worked at Kaymar during Morley's reign) and Stephen Short, and professional Harry Waldron.  

We have many exciting new plans for Kaymar, and are dedicated to producing our own exclusive lines of magic from superb magicians including Simon Lovell, Peter Kane, Stephen Tucker, Roy Baker, Mike Austin and many, many more.