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Sorry Not Sorry! (Featuring the WOWALLET) by Liam Montier and Stephen Tucker

Sorry Not Sorry! (Featuring the WOWALLET) by Liam Montier and Stephen Tucker

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Stephen Tucker invented one of the BEST mentalist tools - the WOWALLET.  It's been out of production for years. 

Now, Liam Montier and Kaymar Magic have acquired the EXCLUSIVE rights - and to bring this KILLER tool back to life, Liam has created perhaps the perfect trick with it - a staggering double prediction, using a regular deck, where two cards are chosen - one randomly cut to, and the other merely thought-of.

Both are IMPOSSIBLY revealed by a single card in the wallet, by using a combination of cunning ideas from Stephen Tucker, Michael Murray, John Bannon and Max Maven! 

Not only do you get the custom leather wallet and video instructions detailing the whole routine, but you also receive a link to an eBook which teaches Stephen Tucker's original WoWALLET routine, several variations, a handling by Wayne Dobson called 'SNAKES' and more!

The original WOWALLET routine sees you take a regular deck and deal cards face up, one by one, until the spectator calls stop.  When they do, it matches a SINGLE card in your wallet!


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