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Retraux by Jon Billett - Mentalism with TV shows!

Retraux by Jon Billett - Mentalism with TV shows!

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Liam says...

Retraux is an AMAZING release from Jon Billett, and one that Kaymar is proud to offer for sale.

You receive a pack of TV show 'polaroid' style pictures, featuring over 20 different shows from the 80s onwards.  The spectators look them over, finding favourites, feeling old when other members of the group haven't seen certain ones, and rack their brains trying to remember the theme tunes!

The first spectator goes through the shows, one by one, until they find a show they would want to check out.  They hide this picture - you never see it, have no idea what it is, it's a free choice, and nothing is marked... and yet, bit by bit (with no pumping or fishing) you reveal all the information about the show!

Another spectator can cut the packet somewhere totally random, and remove a couple of pictures.  These you can also then immediately reveal!

Finally, the spectators shuffle all the pictures and deal them into three piles, and the top card of each pile is turned over, revealing... your favourite three shows!  Nobody believes you until you point out a prediction, that's been in full view from the start - a 'time capsule' containing three pieces of merchandise from the chosen shows!


Instruction booklet detailing the full three stage routine

Bonus ideas for other principles you can use with the pictures

A gorgeous set of high quality TV show pictures, printed on 400 gsm heavy paper and laminated one side, to match polaroid pictures.

Three pieces of merchandise for the shows - a small collectors card, a keyring and a pin badge!

Full online video with performance, explanation and extra tips!

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