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Pandora by Liam Montier (e-book)

Pandora by Liam Montier (e-book)

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Pandora is a collection of off-beat and strong magic using your card case.

This booklet has it all - from visual routines to the purely baffling, with detailed instructions on how to make the gimmicks required for the 8 killer ideas that you will be performing in no time!

Visually change a mini card that is STAPLED to your card case! Heal burn marks on signed cards and the box! Make your spectators VISUALLY see the deck expand, so much so it won't fit back in the box! Expose a 'secret slit' in your card box, before it magically seals up when a spectator tries it!

These routines are just a sample of the effects inside, and includes 'Graffitti', Liam's signature 'card in window' card case with the double change that not even magicians see coming!

All the routines leave the card case totally examinable, you clean and your spectators busted!

Superbly produced with a TON of studio shot photos, Pandora is a great collection of magic to make up and do!

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