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Kaymar Magic

NO CARD TRICKS BUNDLE! Just TEN sets available!

NO CARD TRICKS BUNDLE! Just TEN sets available!

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'Do you only do card tricks?'

Here's a chance to save BIG with a collection of FOUR non-card releases from Kaymar's best sellers list.  Inserting just one or two of these into an act gives a sense of variety, texture and mastery... and also can serve as misdirection if you need to switch decks!  HA!

To celebrate the art of the non-card trick, here's the four tricks you get for a CRAZY low price!

1. Psycho-Dice by Steve Cook.  This is the perfect pocket trick - three different coloured dice are shown, and a spectator chooses one, which somehow ALWAYS matches the SINGLE dice you left in the box at the beginning.  Fast, direct, strong, self working and fool-proof, this Kaymar best seller is Steve Cook at his best.  No reset either!

2. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER by Liam Montier - a cheeky routine where a spectator gets a chance to win some SERIOUS money.  They make all the decisions, both for themselves AND for you, but somehow, end up with the only result that keeps the money firmly in your pocket.  No forces, no sleight-of-hand, no gaffs or gimmicks - ends examinable and resets as you pick the cards up.  This is a KEEPER!

3. ESP BADGES by Liam Montier - a booklet of three different routines using the supplied props; a pack of ESP cards, a black bag and five ESP pin badges.  Whether the badge they are thinking of is mysteriously pins itself to the bag, or the one that matches their freely chosen symbol is the one you can locate through touch alone, everything is easy-to-do, hard-hitting and ends clean!

4. FORTUNE by Liam Montier - an old classic method given a new and commercial twist, where six different red and gold Chinese envelopes are laid out in a line, and your group of spectators take turns to choose five of the envelopes totally at random.  Each of them contains an amusing quote about money.  The one they left you with, however, contains the horrible stuff!  How lucky for them they didn't get lumbered with the curse of a £20 note!

Watch the demos below (three of the tricks are shown in the playlist - the last one (Psycho Dice) doesn't have a video demo, because some things are best kept a little bit secret :D)

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