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Moments Notice 4 by Cameron Francis eBook

Moments Notice 4 by Cameron Francis eBook

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Cameron's 'Moments Notice' eBooks are packed with the sort of card magic that everyone loves to learn as much as perform - efficient card magic using a borrowed, shuffled deck.
"Cameron has done it again! His Moment's Notice series just goes from strength to strength. All six routines in this latest (fourth) instalment are carefully structured and each one packs a punch." - Peter Duffie 

"With all of the material in the Moment's Notice series I can launch a full on magic assault that is guaranteed to obliterate the senses. Thanks for keeping me prepared to maim at a moment's notice." - Donny Orbit

Six more totally amazing, totally impromptu, easy to do card effects from the mind of Cameron Francis!
  • Ace Thang - A completely impromptu variation of Richard Sanders' amazing "King Thing".
  • Sly Cheese - A strange marriage of Peter Duffie's "Sly Aces" and Luke Dancy's "Royale With Cheese". Visually amazing and very easy to do!
  • Back Splash - A novel cards to card case effect.
  • Euphoria - A self working, double whammy prediction effect where the spectator does all the work.
  • Selected Assembly - A multi climaxed Ace assembly with an eye-popping ending!
  • Flush The Transpo - A transpo between Aces and Tens with a kicker ending.
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