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Floating Key Card Plus by Simon Lovell

Floating Key Card Plus by Simon Lovell

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Now available for immediate download in PDF format, or printed booklet!

Learn Simon Lovell's work on the ingenious 'Floating Key Card Principle', which will give you some of the most fooling card material possible, WITHOUT SLEIGHT OF HAND!

Imagine spreading a deck across the table, and having a spectator slide any card out half way, peek at it, and then slide it back and cut the deck.  You pick up the pack and immediately reveal the selection!

Or imagine someone removing a card, cutting it into the pack, and then shuffling them - again, you take back the cards, and SHAZAM!

Simon goes into great detail on how to use this clever principle, and his diabolical touches that make it perfect for fooling magicians, laymen and everyone between!

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