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Christmas Tricks eBook by Darren McQuade and Liam Montier

Christmas Tricks eBook by Darren McQuade and Liam Montier

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Magicians rarely theme their magic around holidays, but it's something that Darius and I have always done, and this documents a selection of our Christmas themed magic.

The eBook itself is 22 pages, illustrated, and includes the following effects...

Christmas Cracker Prediction - Predict the joke in your Xmas Cracker, with no forces!

Frosty Card Reveal - A snow spray card prediction reveals one card, and changes to reveal a second one!

Card Through Window - A festive take on a classic!

Around the Snow Globe - A snow globe is opened and the contents changed into real snow!

Bang For Your Buck - Taking a party popper, you fire it, then replace the ribbons inside, and restore it!  It fires again!

Ring In Bauble - A spectators ring vanishes and reappears in a FREELY selected Bauble on your Christmas Tree.

Signed Note In Cracker 

The Gift of Just Chance - a spectator is given a choice of 6 gifts, and it's the season of giving, so your spectator wins a MILLION pounds!  You win a mere bundle of £10 notes.

Available for immediate download, just in time for Christmas!

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