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Kaymar Magic

What A Turn Up - Kaymar EXCLUSIVE!

What A Turn Up - Kaymar EXCLUSIVE!

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Liam Says...

'What A Turn Up' completes what I think of as the Kaymar 'Holy Trinity!' - when I first visited Kaymar Magic, I was about 13 years old, and I bought three tricks there, on the recommendation of Morley Budden... and all three tricks I still do now, more than 20 years later!

'The Kick' and 'Psycho Dice' were the first two, and since taking over Kaymar Magic we have revamped and reintroduced these products to many more magicians worldwide.

Finally, here's 'What A Turn Up'.  It really sums up what I like in tricks - it's a complete fooler.  There's no gaffs or gimmicks, or sticky stuff.  That means everything is examinable, everything resets, and it can sit in your wallet, ready to go anytime.

The principle is also ripe for variation - you can use it with photos, business cards, ESP decks, folded money, paper, pretty much anything you can think of!

The Effect

You bring out a packet of ten cards, and give five of them to your spectator and both of you shuffle the cards behind your backs, choose a card at random, and swap with each other.  With the cards still behind your backs, you both turn the selections face up and cut them into the packet.

Here's the weird bit - when you bring the packets out, and spread them across the table, you have both reversed the SAME card - both of you have a Ten of Hearts face up in your packets!

Pointing out that perhaps people are suspicious that the trick works because all the cards are the same, you comment that all the rest of the cards ARE the same... but you don't see how that would help!  You turn all the other cards over, and they are all the same, but they are all FOUR OF CLUBS!

Everything can now be examined!

Package includes A6 professionally printed booklet, the cards you need and online streaming performance and explanation video!

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