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Vanishing Inc

Timeless by Liam Montier and Vanishing Inc

Timeless by Liam Montier and Vanishing Inc

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Strap style


Imagine this: The performer brings up the topic of implanting ideas in someone's head. To demonstrate, the mentalist removes their watch and has a participant select a time by twisting the knob to move the hands around at random. The chosen time is remembered and the performer's watch is held between the participant's hands. The performer's head is genuinely turned away the entire time. Still, the performer can now discern the chosen time. Here's where it gets crazy: to prove that the time and the watch itself was an implanted idea, the mentalist asks the participant to look at the watch again. There are now NO HANDS AT ALL ON THE WATCH. The hands...are just gone.

- Very easy to do 

- No angle or lighting restrictions

- Two stylish options available

- Nothing to palm, hide or ditch

- Force any time

- Super fast reset



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