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The Spell-O-Matic Deck by Liam Montier

The Spell-O-Matic Deck by Liam Montier

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This is one of my favourite routines (I know, everyone says that when a new trick comes out, but it really is true, as you'll see!) and it's high time it came out and fooled everyone :D

So, what happens is you have a deck of cards.  Spectators name any cards they want, and you immediately spell to them, one at a time, as many as you like!  No need for a table, the routine works in your hands. No sleight of hand, no maths, no forces.

Then, you have two spectators create a card (one chooses a suit, and one a value).  This makes a card so secret, that not even THEY know the full card!

Despite this, and with no displacements or moves, you spell the card and BOOM!  There she is!

The package includes the deck (handmade by myself, so you are getting EXACTLY what I use) and a streaming download video explanation as well!

Here's a run-down of the cool features...

  • No Forces
  • No Sleight of Hand
  • No Maths
  • No Multiple Outs or Alternate Spellings
  • No Rough and Smooth, or specially printed cards
  • Instant Reset
  • Use the deck as a regular deck!
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