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The Furtive Glance by Liam Montier (e-book)

The Furtive Glance by Liam Montier (e-book)

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Demonstrate Astral Projection and determine the contents of a spectator's pocket!

Use an ancient ritual to show that fate just never lets go... Relate a tale about an occultist killed by his phobia of tarot cards - and then prove that your spectators know more than they are letting on... PLUS Bonus effect included!

"Liam Montier just can't seem to stop coming up with entertaining plots it would seem. Here he offers a selection of 'bizarre-esque' effects. Of particular note is Liam's excellent theatrical presentation and the outstanding construction of each of the effects. I think everyone will take something away from this manuscript and at this price, I'd say it's the bargain of the year!" Dave Forrest

"Well the ideas are great. simple, effective and should produce some great reactions. Good work" Christian Chelman

"Liam Montier's new booklet The Furtive Glance sparkles like a little gem. Three lessons in the art of good, commercial Bizarre Magic: atmospheric yet direct material with great detail and flow. There is a lucidity and magical logic to these ready-to-go routines, from which we all can learn" Caleb Strange

"If a book like this can convince someone like myself (a stubborn &!*%#...) that this area of our wonderful and beautiful art can really entertain an audience, then I imagine that many people who already perform in this area, or more importantly who don't, will see a new world of possibilities from this performance angle" Colin McLeod

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