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The Bank Holiday BUNDLE DEAL! Get 'The Birthday Deck', 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' and 'LOCKDOWN' JUST 10 SETS!

£40.00 £58.00


Here is a special chance to get an AWESOME price on THREE of our brand-new releases, to celebrate the bank holiday.  

Watch 'The Birthday Deck', 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' and 'Lockdown!' in the video below - all full performances!

'The Birthday Deck' is a fun fortune-telling style routine that suddenly blows them away by revealing the spectators ACTUAL BIRTHDAY!  No difficult moves, no forces, no pre-show, and reveals ANY DATE!  

'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' is the ultimate close up 'Just Chance' style routine, that has no moves, no forces, no sleights and ends examinable.  The spectator gets a chance to win a pile of notes, and they make all the decisions for both themselves AND you - and still it always comes the way you want it to.

'Lockdown' from Steve Cook has been one of the biggest selling tricks for Kaymar this year, and features an AMAZING kicker, where the spectator chooses four digits to open the lock, but they don't work.  Then you say 'You have the right numbers, but not the right order...'  They rearrange the numbers THEMSELVES, with NO FORCES, and the combination they pick OPENS THE LOCK!  No gaffs, no trick lock, everything examinable - typical Steve Cook genius!

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