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Kaymar Magic

TBR! By Liam Montier - Limited Edition Release!

TBR! By Liam Montier - Limited Edition Release!

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Liam says...

Sometimes, a trick can be a favourite to perform, but basically impossible to bring to market - and this is one such trick.

It combines two passions of mine (and maybe yours to - magic and reading) and features a great handling where the spectator freely shuffles everything and eliminates all but one of the choices while everything is in their own hands.  (This is based on a Roberto Giobbi idea that I have made foolproof).

However, sourcing the books is amazingly complicated and expensive, and particularly as online, many sellers will use pictures that show one edition of the book, but that might not match what you get!

So, for my 2022 lectures, I went around some bookshops and managed to source a bunch of books that were PERFECT.  It's a great seller at lectures, but I also have a lot of friends and supporters of Kaymar Magic who wouldn't be able to get to the lectures, and I wanted to present an opportunity for those to grab something that they might love as much as I do.  For that reason, the trick is available here at the same price as it is at the lectures.

Currently, there are just EIGHT available, and they are set up ready to go with everything you need - the prediction book (which is a vintage penguin book, which matches the postcard exactly) the four postcards and four envelopes, and a link to video instructions!

I've also set it up so you can choose the exact book you want to reveal - I think it's safe to say that I have something for everyone :D haha!

Check out the pictures and then select the package you want from the dropdown menu, and nab yourself a limited edition trick that NOBODY else will be offering :)

Please note that the Penguin books are vintage, and vary in age, and as such are rare - they are not in mint condition, and some have marks, or small tears, or perhaps inscriptions on the inside.  This just adds to their charm :)


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