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Sublime Influence 2.0 by Michael Murray

Sublime Influence 2.0 by Michael Murray

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Liam says...

My friend Michael showed me this trick, he said he'd been using it and getting a great reaction, and I can see why!  The presentation about subliminal advertising, the props are great, and the prediction (the pepsi card) suddenly revealing its hidden meaning at the end is killer!

The handling is super easy with no moves or sleights, it easily fits into your wallet, and the props are great - the number cards are thin plastic, so very durable and hard wearing, and the 'Pepsi' prediction card is also plastic, but credit card thickness.

So, you show a bunch of number cards, and the spectator picks five of them, and then re-arranges them into an order, apparently all of their free will, despite your claims that the Pepsi card is influencing them subliminally.  

Eventually, they lay out the cards they've been mixing to give a number - 12939.

You flip the Pepsi card over - it's see through, but suddenly the letters in reverse make numbers!  And the number is 12939!

Fast reset, lovely props, easy handling and KILLER presentation make this a wallet trick you will never leave the house without!


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