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Shenanigans (e-book) by Liam Montier

Shenanigans (e-book) by Liam Montier

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Receive the eBook instantly to your computer, tablet or phone as a PDF! A link will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.

Please note - In order to perform these tricks you will need some standard bicycle gaffs. Contact us if you need help getting these.

Originally available only as a limited edition booklet, Shenanigans was a complete sell out at Blackpool Convention a few years back.

In it are the full explanations of THREE of Liam's most commercial routines. These aren't for the 'move monkeys', these tricks are for those who like to get out and actually DO the magic for the friends, or for their profession.


'This is a shockingly cool trick. Plays so strongly to a large crowd or amongst friends. It's just a brilliant trick and in the current age of 3D EVERYTHING, this trick will slot into most acts. It is great for comedy too!' - Jamie Daws.

Explaining that his cards are marked, the performer puts on some 3D glasses, and immediately fishes all four Aces out of the pack! Explaining that it's because the glasses make the backs of the Aces stand out, the Aces are returned to the pack and a spectator is loaned the glasses. On spreading through the pack, they are asked to point out any that look different - the spectator sees four cards that have different colour backs, and points to those, but doesn't realise that they look like a different colour to the OTHER SPECTATORS too! Of course, the odd colour cards are the Aces!

That's not all! The performer then turns the tables and baffles everyone by explaining when the glasses are removed, the Aces will look normal again. The spectator removes them, and then turns the Aces face down, and EVERYONE is baffled to see the Aces have changed back to their original colour, and can be examined!


I love to use Anagram in my professional work! It combines the good parts of Sanders 'Identity' and Jay Sankey's 'Squish' idea, and then adds some typical Liam 'BOOF!'. It's visual, it's easy, and it's shocking! Well done Liam!' - Darren McQuade

You demonstrate why some pens are known as 'Magic Markers' by writing your name in capital letters on the back of a random card. You then have the front of the card signed by a spectator, who you have just met.

With a wave of your hand, you visually squish all of the ink together into one bundle, ala Jay Sankey. But that's just the beginning - you then demonstrate that you can un-squish the ink into any form you like, and with no displacements or extra moves, you visually un-squish the inky mess into your SPECTATORS NAME!

Real time method! Easy handling! Fast Reset! BOOF!


'I think the Hydra routine is pure genius!' - Andi Gladwin

Perform a new take on the card on forehead with this easy, uber-deceptive NO PALM handling, where a spectators card first appears on your head, before a second card is chosen, and lost back into the pack. Then, the first selection changes into the second, WHILE STILL STUCK ON YOUR HEAD!

The first selection is reproduced, both cards are signed, and then you segue into a super easy and commercial version of Anniversary Waltz, fusing both signed cards together forever!

All three of these KILLER tricks are together in one PDF collection, ready to download and enjoy, with illustrations by Will Houston! Order today for this new and vintage collection of Liam Montier's most commercial magic yet!
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