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Bicycle Reverse Svengali Deck

Bicycle Reverse Svengali Deck

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A Reverse Svengali Deck is one where the duplicates are the long cards, and the indifferent cards are short.  This gives you some strong bonuses, such as the ability to spread the cards face up on the table with a dribble, showing they are all different before you start!

Check out this link, which will take you to David Britland's AMAZING version of Any Card At Any Number using a reverse Svengali deck.  It's one of the cleanest and easiest versions that I've ever come across, and the sole reason I had the decks made!

Watch a performance of David's killer routine above, shown by Liam Montier in his 'lockdown' bar!


All orders (while stocks last) of the Reverse Svengali Decks INCLUDE the 'nerd dice' and explanation video!




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