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Kaymar Magic

Released by Cameron Francis & Liam Montier (e-book)

Released by Cameron Francis & Liam Montier (e-book)

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RELEASED is an e-book of card magic that is, frankly, sexual in nature (well, sexual if you're really into card tricks) and was created by professional magicians Cameron Francis and Liam Montier.  If magic were wrestling, these guys would be the Legion of Doom.


Between them, these two whacky chaps have had more than a staggering 12 DVDs and released numerous effects and publications.  Both have been hailed for fresh thinking, commercial material, strong effects and plots and simplicity of handling, and taste in shoes.


Now comes their first ever joint effort, which contains 10 brand new and sparkling routines, all designed for practical use. 


Included within are…


Invisi-Cards – a mind bending routine where three selections vanish individually when trapped between two Jokers.  This ends with a sucker punch that nobody will see coming.  Not even Derek Acorah!


A Rough Year – a new take on the Diary plot, where the spectator doesn’t even name the date she chooses.  This is sweeter than a gingerbread mans chocolate coated bits.


Playing Favourites – efficient handling and a new plot for the classic transposition make this baby a winner!


Between the Signed Palms – A honed down version of the Elmsley classic, this starts strong and gets stronger!  Like Hulk Hogan!  Only it doesn’t keep ripping its clothes.


Telling it Like it is! – Two jokers catch twins of selections, and then change into the actual selections!  My favourite twins since Jedward!


Subtle Sotto – Cameron’s version of the classic “Whisperers” plot focuses on easy handling, especially considering the finish he has in store!


Collective Whispers – Liam’s “Whisperers” version, combining several Roy Walton ideas to make a routine that will blow people away like an oscillating fan set on medium.


Out of my Skull – A small packet “OOTW” that is easier than an easy thing with no difficult bits.  This is short, quick and packs a punch – like an angry elf.


Moves – This teleportation effect ends with a sizzling Royal Flush ending!  Ideal for when people say they wouldn’t like to play cards with you – show them how right they were to say that!


Tear it Up 2 – This unique torn and restored card routine is astonishing!  It has two distinct phases, builds nicely, and then you finish totally clean!

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