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Moments Notice 6 by Cameron Francis eBook

Moments Notice 6 by Cameron Francis eBook

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"Great tricks!" - Peter Duffie

"Really strong magic... Again!" - Raphael Czaja

"AWESOME stuff as usual. 'Half-Version' forced me to get up and grab a deck!" - Dave Forrest

The 6th installment of the smash hit ebook series is finally here! Six new, commercial, completely impromptu card miracles. New plots. Fun twists on old plots. Cool methods. This is card magic you will use.
  • DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN – A stunning double sandwich effect.
  • OVERCOUNT  Paul Harris's Overkill meets Paul Cummins's Counting On It for one stunning effect.
  • FACES IN THE CROWD – An impromptu packet effect with a novel presentation.
  • HALF-VERSION – Two selections. Two crazy revelations. This is the kind of stuff laypeople love.
  • NOT SO FAST - A Collectors effect that isn't a Collectors effect at all. It's weird but it works.
  • RESWINDLED AGAIN – A different take on Caleb Wiles' “Reswindled” effect.
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