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Kapow! Cameron Francis and Liam Montier (e-book)

Kapow! Cameron Francis and Liam Montier (e-book)

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The original PDF returns. Long unavailable since its release on DVD, but we have had a lot of requests from those that prefer their tricks in text format.

These ten tricks are easy to do, use only regular cards, and mostly work from a shuffled deck in use!

Receive the eBook instantly to your computer, tablet or phone as a PDF! A link will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. 

Contains the following effects:

Repulse – Liam Montier 

Alex Elmsley’s classic ‘Repulsive Aces’ gets an extra selected card and an astonishing kicker that hits harder than Rocky!


Cheaters Sleeve – Montier/Francis 

Interlaced Vanish meets the Ace Assembly. They have a little sexy time, and suddenly, there’s this baby. That sounded wrong, but you know what we mean.


Countdown – Cameron Francis 

A ‘one move wonder’ where the spectators control their own card, and then really are genuinely surprised when it turns up moments later!


Departure Box – Liam Montier 

Two chosen and signed cards vanish from a card box held by a spectator and re-appear in the magicians pockets. No palming, no gaffs, no duplicates, no cards… oh wait. There’s cards.


Invisible Card – Francis/Montier 

They won’t even see this one coming. See what we did there?


Strange Progression – Cameron Francis 

A bold new idea for the progressive Ace Assembly that removes all the work and replaces it with sheer cunning!


Real Picnic – Cameron Francis 

This old self working classic is given a new lease of life that will have people walking all the way up the garden path, before the hose goes on.


No Joke – Cameron Francis 

Crowbar several ass-kicking phases of magic into one action packed routine with this reworking of a John G classic!


Triple Play – Liam Montier 

A three phase sandwich routine that… oh. You’ve moved on. Well, it was actually really good, so nerrr!


Scatter Shot – Liam Montier 

A four Ace production where they seem to come from everywhere but the deck!

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