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Fortune by Liam Montier - Kaymar EXCLUSIVE!

Fortune by Liam Montier - Kaymar EXCLUSIVE!

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'Fortune' is Liam's quirky presentation for the classic 'Just Chance' routine, perfect for close up or larger performances, and working for anything between 1 and 5 spectators.

You introduce 6 gorgeous 'fortune' envelopes, red and gold, and explain that they all contain fortunes, along the lines of fortune cookies.  You explain that you will give five of them away, and you will keep the one that's left.

The spectators roll an examined dice, and open whatever number envelope that they roll - each spectator gets a different envelope, and finds a different quote about money inside - some humorous, and some quite profound!

This continues until just one envelope is left for you.

You explain that it contains a 'small fortune', and when you open it up, it is the only one with a banknote inside!  You keep the money, and hand everything out for immediate examination!

The package includes the Chinese envelopes, regular dice, fortunes, online video instructions and special custom-made gimmick.

  • Starts and Ends Clean
  • Easy to Do
  • Engaging
  • Social
  • Fast Reset
  • Packs Small, Plays Big 
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