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Dead Rebel Productions

Angels and Demons by Dead Rebel Magic


Dead Rebel Magic produce some of the nicest props, and this is no exception.

Simon teaches you the classic 'Out of This World' card effect, where a spectator deals a deck into piles and somehow separates the reds from the blacks... but things are a bit different.

Angels and Demons includes a specially printed, full pack of picture cards - 26 heavenly angels, and 26 demonic devils.  The art is spectacular, the cards great quality, and the handcrafted wooden storage box is breathtaking, and bound to be commented upon in your office, study or set.

The cards can also be used most (if not all) variations of Out Of This World, and other routines will occur too - perhaps a 'cutting the Aces' where the spectator chooses the only four Angels from a pack of Devils, or an Oil and Water where the Angels 'Rise Above' and the Demons are 'Down Below'...

Very limited stock of this gorgeous set.

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