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Latest Arrivals

SHARD by Stephen Tucker - Kaymar Exclusive!

Stephen Tucker is a creative force to be reckoned with, this is a strong piece of mentalism using simple and attractive props!

Ghost Flight by Peter Duffie - Kaymar Exclusive!

We're super proud to be able to present one of my very favourite routines from the card genius that is Peter Duffie!

S.L.O.B. by Simon Lovell - Kaymar Exclusive!

A spectator deals through the deck face up stopping on a card he feels good about. This card is instantly shown to be of a different colour back to the rest of the deck.

Kane's Variant by Peter Kane - Kaymar Exclusive!

Kaymar Magic is the only magic dealer authorised to publish Peter Kane's completely baffling principle. We've produced an updated booklet and we're certain you're going to love it!