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Astro-Signs by Mike Austin - KAYMAR EXCLUSIVE!

Astro-Signs by Mike Austin - KAYMAR EXCLUSIVE!

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'Astro-Signs' is a pet routine of master magician Mike Austin, and one that he has honed and tweaked for over twenty years.  

Now, it is an unbelievably clean book-test and star sign revelation, all wrapped up with a commercial presentation and gorgeous, custom printed prop!

A spectator looks up their star-sign in your astrology book, and the book directs them to four different readings.  The spectator reads them all, and then closes the book.

With no questions, no fishing and no misses, you reveal ALL FOUR READINGS, and then the SPECTATORS STAR-SIGN!

No pre-show!

High quality, full colour and long lasting prop!

Packs small, plays big!

Nothing added or taken away!

No moves or sleights!

No reset!

Perform on close up or on stage!

Repeat instantly!

Use for several spectators at once, and reveal all their signs!

'ASTRO-SIGNS' includes a gorgeous custom printed 44 page staple bound Astrology book, printed in colour and on heavy paper, instruction booklet and a video link explanation.

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