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Any Shuffled Deck, Self Working, Impromptu Miracles DVD by Liam Montier

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This DVD features some of the strongest card material I've ever created, and given that it all is self-working and uses regular, borrowed and shuffled cards, it's definitely the most practical collection of tricks I've ever put out!

When I was involved in the Ultimate Self Working Card Trick DVDs, one of the most common questions I was asked was 'How many need a set up?'  Of course, normally self-working tricks rely on a stack or set up.  So, a couple of years back, I started working with Owen on filming all the tricks that I had created that fulfil this very strict conditions...

EVERY routine starts from a borrowed, shuffled deck.

Zero Sleight of Hand

Be ready to perform anywhere, anytime, with ANY deck!


  1. Intersteller 
  2. Mates
  3. Gemini Locations
  4. Silly Questions
  5. Wheel of Fortune
  6. Jack's Poker
  7. Salto Triumph
  8. Last To Turn Up
  9. Invisible Dice
  10. One Over The Eight

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