Spell-O-Matic Tips

Spell-O-Matic Tips

Spell-O-Matic has been one of the best selling tricks I've ever had, and it's a SPELLING trick!  Who would have thought that?!

Here's a couple of Tricktastic Tips for those of you who have already picked up the trick.

Other Languages - Once you understand the working, the deck can be adapted to use other languages; in fact, I'm currently making a stack of them in French for a wholesaler.  It takes a little working out, but as long as you know the translations for the suits, then you are good to go.

Alternative Ending - This is a cool way of adding something a bit different to the routine.  Start off with a Joker or indifferent card on top of the pack.  Before you begin, openly place the top card into your pocket.  Ask three spectators to think of cards, and mention to the last one that you think his card will be 'tricky'.  You then go through the routine, but when you come to the last guys card, you do a double lift, showing that you missed his one (but you were close!)  You flip the double face down and then top palm the card as you say 'You know why I knew I was going to miss it?  Because before we started I placed one card in my pocket... and you can't spell to a card that isn't in the pack!'  Remove the palmed card from a pocket to end.

Gary Jones Ending - Here's a great idea from Gary. If you have a peek wallet or similar mentalism tool, then before you begin you can have someone think of any card and write it down.  You learn it secretly with your prop / centre tear / whatever.  Then at the end, you can set the pack and lay it down on the table, and even have the spectator spell the card without EVER naming it!



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Thanks Prasanth! That’s a great idea, and an interesting change in the effect (that the spectator cuts their own card into the right position!) Nice work! :D


Liam Montier

I bought spell o matic. Great trick. I do the cut and at the same time I tell the spectator that you should cut the deck. Then I give the deck in their hand and lead them to do JOC cut and then I spell to their card. It create the impression that they cut the card to the position . (JOC cut in spectators hand is Cameron Francis idea But I think it fits perfect for this trick)

Prasanth Edamana

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