Slip And Slide - Card Trick

Slip And Slide - Card Trick

Still, not a trick good enough to match the picture, but this is at least pretty interesting!

It uses a force that appears in 'The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi', written by Stephen Minch, on page 15, called 'Milking The Force'.  It's one of those moves that you read and think 'yeah, right, sure that will work', and then you try it out to satisfy your morbid curiosity, and then 'oh, ok, it really does actually seem to work.'

It's a strange looking procedure to justify as it uses pairs of cards, and rather than move pairs of cards to just force one, it occurred to me that you could use it instead of a very simple 'one-ahead' style routine.  Surprisingly, it stands up to being repeated once or twice as well.

So, shuffle your deck of cards, and in the process learn the bottom one.  I tend to peek the top card and then run it to the bottom with an overhand shuffle, or peek the bottom one during an all-round square up, and retain it there.

Now for 'Milking The Force'...

Hold the deck face down in your right hand Biddle Grip (or End Grip) and with the left hand, 'Milk' the top and bottom cards.  That is, the left hand comes over to the deck, fingers underneath and thumb on top, and simultaneously draws out both the top and bottom cards of the deck.  Pause for half a second, and then slide the pair to the bottom of the pack.  

Repeat the milking action, and then invite a spectator to call stop at any point.

When they do, immediately table the pair of cards you are holding, and place the rest of the deck aside, you don't need it anymore.

So, what has happened here is that because of the Milking action, the bottom card of the tabled pair is your force card, because when you use the milking action over and over, the bottom card is being recycled each time.  Seems obvious to us, but try it out, you'll be surprised!

Of course we don't know the top card of the pair, but that's no problem... we are going to blag it, and then use a Vernon idea to quickly sort ourselves out before we get busted.

Hold your right hand palm down over the pair (this is just woo-woo, but I do it also so that the spectators see me covering the card, as I don't want them to think I'm just reading marks on the back of the deck) and feign some sort of concentration and then name the force card - actually the lower card of the packet. 

Pick up the top card of the pair, and as you lift it from the table to your waiting left hand, you tilt it 45 degrees to towards yourself so you can just peek it (this is the same peek as from Dai Vernon's 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' routine) as you set it into left hand dealing grip.

Now, hover the right hand palm down over the remaining tabled card, and name the card that you just glimpsed.  Immediately pick up the card in the same way, set it onto the left hand card, and repeat the names of both cards as you pitch them face up onto the table.

You have apparently 'read' the identities of two random cards.  Big congrats, fist bump, get you!

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