Movin' On Up

Movin' On Up

So here's a little idea I had some time back for the Rising Card Deck.  Originally, I had a Devano one, but they are mechanical, and pretty unreliable (in my experience), so I put this aside.

Since I've started using the Lazarus Deck (a sure-fire Stephen Tucker method) I'd dug this back out.  It's only a small presentational ploy, but it works nicely (and will work with any method you use).

Have the card chosen, and set up for the rise.  Ask the spectator who chose the card to point their finger out, and move the pack so that their finger tip is just touching the centre of the top card of the pack.  Now ask that they close their eyes, and concentrate on their card - stress that they must keep their eyes closed no matter what.

As they concentrate, activate the rise.  The other spectators around will start to react, but remind the person to keep their eyes closed for now.  Once the card has risen all it is going to, have them open their eyes.

They will be surprised to see the card has risen out of the pack, but no idea how it got there, and will just have to believe the other spectators when they tell them it rose out on its own!

Be sure to give all the credit to the spectator.

This idea was inspired by a Karrell Fox idea using a similar presentation for the cigarette through pound, where a spectator held a coin over the mouth of a bottle and shut their eyes.  You passed a cigarette visually through the coin and into the bottle, and all the other spectators saw.  And yet, when they explained it to the first spectator, they were never fully convinced - a fascinating dynamic.

Hope you enjoyed that little touch on a classic!

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