Magic Books and New Year's Resolutions

Magic Books and New Year's Resolutions

"Books are a uniquely portable magic."

- Stephen King.


With the new year upon us, magicians everywhere will be (or at least should be!) making some resolutions, and a very beneficial one for all is 'read more magic books'.  I did a blog post last year of how to find more time to read, and that's worth checking out if it tickles your boat, or floats your fancy.

However, what if you already read lots of books?  Are there some tips that you can get the most out of the actual experience?  Well, there's only one way to be sure.  Let's find out!

Liam's handy book tips!

1. Set Targets!

Reading tricks and theory is great, but it's just as easy to burn out and overindulge than it is to fall behind.  Try setting a very achievable target - perhaps to read one new trick a day.  For a few minutes a day investment, you'll be aware of 365 NEW TRICKS this time next year!  Now that's some learning!

2. Read Weird!

Magicians are a herd, and when something is in fashion, they are all doing it, and when a release comes out, they are all reading or watching it.  Instead, aim for older or more esoteric stuff.  That way, you are gaining knowledge that other magicians aren't.  You'll look clever, feel clever, and be clever.   Nice!

3. Research!

If you find a trick that you like, you can leave it there.  Or, dive headfirst into the rabbit hole.  Check out all the credits the routine has to offer.  Google it.  Bravely venture onto the Magic Cafe, and compile a list of all the versions of the same plot, and endeavour to read as many as you can.  You will benefit greatly from seeing how other magicians have tackled the thing, or how the same creator has updated the handlings or ideas, and you'll be bound to find some off-beat tangents!

4.  Open Up!

Try to read a wide range of magic too.  Just because you are a sleight-of-hand card magician, that doesn't mean you shouldn't read books with self-working or gaffed material.  You could find new presentations, plots, or ideas - you may work out a sleight to replace the gaff, or try it out and fool all the magicians you know, who don't think you use them!  

5.  Share!

If you read something awesome, tell a magic buddy.  Get them to tell you when they read something awesome too.  If it's someone who has a similar taste or style to you, then they are essentially doing the heavy lifting, and you are getting benefits from books you might not have read!  Also, keep other magicians in mind as you read - perhaps you'll find a routine that isn't for you, but suits them!  Be kind, let them know.  Plus you look clever!  Nice!

There you go!  Five ways to get the most out of the printed page, and your eye-balls.  Plus you'll look clever!  Nice!


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