I had a great time at the North Wales Magic Circle! Despite waking up on the morning of the lecture with NO VOICE!  It was quite a worry actually, I thought I'm definitely not cancelling, but what if I can't speak?!  In the end, being silent all day (hard for me) and eating my own bodyweight in 'Fishermen's Friends' and Lozenges just got me through! :D

To be honest, it's not often that I lecture, but a year or so back, I did one for a friend who asked that I did one at their local club, and from there, word of mouth spread, and I've done 10 or so this year!

Not being able to drive limits my touring capabilities, but I think it's probably good not to appear EVERYWHERE!  

It's also nice that now I'm a few lectures in, how everything sits together.  I now do 3 'Kaymar Classics' - tricks I've been using non stop for 15 years, then a card act with regular cards that magicians really love.  Teaching those, with the variations and some theory and tips, takes up the first half.

Then, for the second half, I've taken to performing and explaining my latest marketed effects.  I've had mixed comments from other lecturers, who think it's a crazy idea to give away all the tricks that you are currently selling, but to be honest, I think it's a cool thing that means people can check out exactly what the 'hype' is about, and get to see all the tricks in all their glory.

Anyway, thanks for all the support and interest, and as and when new lectures pop up, I'll keep you guys all updated - and hopefully catch you at one! 

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