Lectures and DVD Shoots!

Lectures and DVD Shoots!

So, first up, I'm doing a lecture on the 4th at Coventry Magic Club.  If you aren't a member, it's £10 on the door, but I promise I will be AWESOME and it'll be totally worth it (and almost worth missing Bake Off for...)

If you are free to head over, the venue is Bentley Road Social Club, Nuneaton CV11 5LR

However, I'll be out of the office from tomorrow morning, because I'm going up to Big Blind Media headquarters to film some more DVD action!

Being involved in the DVDs, and the production (you can see a picture I took behind the scenes of the James Went shoot) is quite a bizarre way to make a living!  It's equal parts seeing awesome magic, and sitting around doing absolutely nothing - probably not as rock and roll as you might think (and definitely not as rock and roll as Owen Packard makes the DVDs look afterwards!)

One thing that always impresses me though, is just how good the projects look.  Compared to other producers in the UK, Owen goes to amazing lengths to make sure the DVDs look amazing.  Multiple cameras in HD, amazing locations, the models, long shoots and even longer editing, just puts the production so far ahead of any other UK producer that I can't see myself working with anyone else.  Sure, it's a magic DVD, so the production might not seem important to everyone - but why not have the projects look as good as humanly possible?  That's something other guys don't get, I reckon.  And it definitely makes their lives easier!

But yes, so I'll be heading down to Tenbury and finishing up several projects, and also helping produce Ryan Schultz new one as well.  

Watch this space!

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