In Over Your Head - What A Turn Up Presentation!

In Over Your Head - What A Turn Up Presentation!

There's all manner of party games on sale over the festive season, and this time of year, they are often cheap, and better yet, some of them make for quirky and really cool presentations for classic tricks.

This 'Mind Reader' game is a great example.  The idea of the game is that you both wear the entertaining headbands, which someone else has written a random object on.  You take it in turns to ask and answer questions about the unknown object above your head, until someone wins by correctly guessing their item.

I picked it up though, with a vague idea of using it as an open prediction.  For example, writing a card on it, and putting it on a spectators head so they can't see the prediction, but everyone else can.  They deal through the deck, stop anytime, and then BOSH!  They've stopped on their card.

For a self working thing though, check out this idea - combining it with What A Turn Up.  You write two different cards on the headbands, and one you wear, one the spectator wears.  You then both get a packet of five cards, which you shuffle, and swap one card with each other.  The spectator ends up with the card on their headband, you end up with the one on yours, and then as a kicker, the rest of the packet are JOKERS!

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