First of all, I hope you all had an AMAZING Christmas.  At Kaymar, we take Christmas very seriously, and to be honest, we are still having it!  It has been the first year since being self-employed that we took the full 24th to 1st off from work (with the exception of doing the orders in the morning) and it was GREAT!

So what's in store for the New Year?

Well, we are concentrating on more of the same, as we had a STORMING 2018.  Over the last couple of years, I think we've really found what Kaymar Magic is about, which is releasing exclusive magic that is easy to do, and social - perfect for performing for mates, for yourself, or at the busiest gigs.

With this in mind, we released some of the best tricks I've ever had the joy to perform, including 'The Gamble' by Steve Cook, which sold so well that I ran the supplier out of wallets, 'Rematch' by one of my personal heroes Bob King, and a couple more of our Simon Lovell exclusives, including Super Play It Straight and Floating Key Card.

In the new year, expect more Steve Cook magic, a HUGE Peter Kane project I've been working on with his family, and I'm hoping to add another big name to our release roster - stay tuned!

We've also got a big deal coming up with THE distributor, and in the new year it looks like some of our releases will be available from wholesalers and other dealers for the first time EVER!  This is a big step for us, but I feel that the magic we have produced over the last year has deserved a bigger audience, and that's just one way to reach them.

Finally, it's going to be the year of service for us.  We are going to look at adding more functionality to the website, like the live chat feature so you can contact me directly, and hopefully a loyalty programme and ideally, some way of getting custom recommendations to our customers who have enjoyed certain products.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't be shy!  Drop us a line, and we'll together make 2019 a BELTER!


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