This is just a quick post to say that if you are reading this - many, MANY thanks for all the support.

Kaymar Magic is going from strength to strength, and it makes a HUGE difference to us.  This year we have struck some very exciting deals with some of the UKs BEST magicians to produce their tricks through Kaymar.

So, if you have been a customer, you have my genuine heartfelt thanks. Stephen and I include handwritten notes and other goodies in the orders, because we really do appreciate the support.

Much love to you if you aren't a customer too!  Maybe you will be soon, but even if not, showing an interest, following us on Facebook and watching the demos all helps so much.  

At the moment, Kaymar is a pretty small affair.  Stephen and I run it from home, and recently we enlisted Matthew as a graphic artist and to help with the online stuff.

But thanks to you magical guys and girls, 2017 will see some very exciting plans - more teaching, more products and projects.  Watch this space.

Have an amazing new year!

Much love,




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