More Buried Treasure!

More Buried Treasure!

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but it's more through a lack of wanting to share the goods, rather than anything else (being totally honest!).

So, here are three more KILLER tricks that I've been using to make spectators gasp, magicians jealous, and girls want to touch me.  

1.  The Koko Test by John Bannon

Printed in Destination Zero, this is a total beast of a trick that I passed by the first time.  Although to be fair, there was a lot of great tricks in the book!  However, I came to this version backwards - I watched Chris Philpott's original version first, and while I loved it, I found it a bit 'heavy' for my style.  One presentation was about psychological problems that weigh a spectator down, and another was about their sex life.  Both were great, right up until the part where their choices then related to a playing card, and I thought 'urg'.  So I set about trying to make the presentation a bit less 'heavy', and then I remembered that Bannon had already done it for me.  GO BANNON!  The basic effect is that a spectator answers a sort of pop-psychology test to find out what playing card represents them, and then finds they have actually selected it from a deck that you never touch.  BOSH!

2. Red Oil - Blue Water by Peter Kane

Whilst I usually have the same level of excitement for oil and water routines as I do for changing energy suppliers, a particularly sexual routine by Alex Elmsley turned out to be the exception to the rule.  Then I stumbled across a version in The Combined Card Sessions of Peter Kane (page 25) and thought 'Oh, OK then, I'll give it a go'.  It is a packet version, with four red backed red cards, and four blue backed black cards.  And that's it.  From here, Peter gets three VERY tasty phases (I start with the cards pre-mixed, so the second phase builds as they see you mix them - this gives the routine some build) and the reactions have been seriously good, from muggles and magi alike.  The backs make it so much more visual and compelling, and you can even get black backed bicycles, then make a set and stick it straight into your wallet for anytime, anywhere-ness.

3. Aces From Nowhere by Nick Trost

Published in the Card Magic of Nick Trost (page 70), this four Ace Production happens totally in the spectators hands, and has a great 'flow' to it - there are two different procedures, and they misdirect from each other, and unlike many Ace productions, the other three being revealed comes as a TOTAL surprise.  Learn it - it's a self worker, so it won't take long, but you will be doing it for a while!


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