Bonus Routine with the Casino Kick!

Bonus Routine with the Casino Kick!

I've got a version of Zodiac Prediction very similar to this, which I'll probably put out soon.  But in the meantime, you can change the presentation a bit and use the 'Casino Kick' deck to do something very similar!

Take half the Casino Deck, and put one of the indifferent cards 13th from the top.  (The rest of the deck are all contrasting duplicates)  You can now shuffle the packet in performance, as long as that card stays in position.  So you can shuffle the top few overhand style, and then throw the rest underneath, for example.

Then hand the spectator two dice, and have them roll them and add them together while your back is turned.  Have them remove that number of cards from the top of the deck, and hide both the packet and the dice, so there's no way you could know the number rolled.

Turn back, take the cards remaining and deal 12 of them to the table in a pile, reversing their order as you go.  That will set the packet for the clock force.

Discard the rest, and pick up your dealt 12, and explain that you'll count the cards as you deal them, and you want them to think of the Casino that happens to be on the card at their number.  Count through, and of course, because of the clock force, they will think of the Casino on your force card!

Read their mind for the Casino, and name it.  Then turn it over to show the card, say the Five of Hearts.  From your pocket, you pull out an envelop marked 'my lucky card' and inside is a Five of Hearts - perfect match!

Finally, explain that you stacked the odds, and all the cards are the same... 'but they are all Jack of Spades' or whatever, and reveal!

Everything can now be examined!

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