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Another One Bites The Dust!

It is with a heavy heart (and with no small sense of personal failure) that I have to let you guys and girls know that the bricks and mortar shop has to close.

When I started it up, moving from an online business to having a shop and office premises, lots of people said I was mad, and wouldn't last a year, and that it wouldn't turn over enough money.

They were mostly right.  HA!

However, it's not the money side of things, but just the sheer amount of time.  

With businesses these days, I think a lot of them, even small one-man-bands, try to give the impression that they are bigger than they are.  Slick websites, multiple email addresses, use of 'we' and 'us' in written content all gives that impression.

Well, Kaymar Magic is literally just me (and Thomas - my partners little brother who helps out on Saturday) and I have since discovered that running a full-time shop, plus dealing with the orders, customers, telephone and email enquiries, sourcing and manufacturing stock, keeping the books, filming and researching for new products, marketing and social media is NOT a one man job, and keeping up with these things is having a negative effect on my personal life.

So, a tactical retreat is called for.  This doesn't mean I won't ever have a shop again, but I must wait for cloning to become a cheap and viable option! HA!

Thanks for all your support, especially if you came up to the shop to say hello at any point, or became one of our regulars.  Please note that I will still be in the town a lot, so perhaps we can meet for a coffee and chat magic instead :)

The online part of Kaymar will continue, and hopefully with the new found time, grow significantly.  I have other exciting projects in the pipeline too. 

Much love,




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  • Highton Dr. Michael on

    Sorry to hear about the shop. I like and appreciate the way that you do business. I have only dealt with you at Conventions and on line. You are different, very fair and you care. Perhaps these are the wrong qualities for business??! (Being cynical !)
    You carry on being you and enjoying the craft; this is an art and as such money is not and should not be the driving force?
    Perhaps you can now focus on the essence of your calling and become even more of an individual. I hope so and wish you well.
    Dr. Mike Highton

  • Robert Ball on

    Hi Liam. So sorry that this as happened. You are a person. Your effects have helped me create some wonderful surprises for the people I entertain. But don’t you have a newer website in the works I thought. Let me know and God Bless.

  • Ryan on

    Liam you have to do what is right for you & your family. This isn’t a negative you’re just regrouping before moving onto bigger & better things right?

    Good luck with the future mate :)


  • Garry Davis on

    You did not fail you experienced. Continue the good work

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