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Xmas Mentalist Deck Bundle - Kaymar Magic
Kaymar Magic

Xmas Mentalist Deck Bundle

£29.99 £39.99

Here we have 3 of the most popular decks Kaymar sells for an incredible price - but only while my stocks last!

I've been using the Psychometric deck a lot recently and have posted a routine I've been performing on the Kaymar blog so check that out.


A double blank Bicycle Svengali deck, hand made by Gafftastic EXCLUSIVELY for Kaymar!

This deck is a mentalists and magicians dream, making it possible for you to force pictures, words, numbers, symbols, songs, movies, bands, actors, celebrities and anything else in a totally hands off fashion.

Includes the full deck of 52 cards, hand cut and cornered, and an instruction sheet containing handling ideas.


Finally available again, this is one of the very, very best forcing decks in existence.

After searching EVERYWHERE for them and not finding any (except one on eBay, which was pants) I ended up getting some made myself!

If you don't know what the Psychomatic Deck is, it's an amazing deck.  You can spread it, show it, have a spectator shuffle it and then break it open to peek at a card.  They can then shuffle again, and pop the deck straight into the box.  

With the right audience management, you can even have the spectators do all that while across the stage, street or in another room!

Despite this, you can reveal the card any way you like.

It also makes a perfect tossed out deck, but you can show it clearly, and the spectators can see all the cards are different!

You get the deck, ready to rock and roll, and I've typed up a few sheets of instructions and routines with the Psychomatic Deck that you can use close up or on stage!  That's included too!


A somewhat obscure gaffed deck, admittedly, but as it turns out, a totally essential one!

Check out this link, which will take you to David Britland's AMAZING version of Any Card At Any Number using a reverse Svengali deck.  It's one of the cleanest and easiest versions that I've ever come across, and the sole reason I had the decks made!

They are handmade, cut and professionally cornered in your choice of Bicycle Deck, and it's well worth stocking up while we have them!

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