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Visa Cabaret by Stephen Tucker - Leather edition. LAST TEN!



Visa Cabaret is a stone cold classic of mentalism and mental magic, and if anything, remains under the radar (or at least, more under the radar than it should be!)

The effect is that you have three credit cards in your wallet, and you turn away as a spectator removes the cards one by one, and hides them in different pockets.

Turning back, you reveal, one by one, where each card is - 'The Visa card is your back pocket, the Mastercard in your right hand pocket, and the Gold Card is in your left hand pocket!'

Not only are you totally correct, but then comes the KICKER!

A prediction, which has been in full view since the start, is opened... it predicts EXACTLY which card is in which pocket!

KILLER, Killer trick.

This version is made in leather (unlike the plastic ones we had a while back) and features an improvement to the method which I can't really talk about without revealing how it works, but trust me, it's there!  Haha!

It also comes with three plastic faux credit cards, so you can use those on stage for maximum visibility and security reasons, although the trick will work with any objects that will fit into it.


The wallets already include written instructions for Visa Cabaret (Stephen Tucker's routine) and 3CHOICE by Wayne Dobson, but you will also receive a digital eBook that includes the £85 Question by Marc Paul, and David Regal's presentation as well as the aforementioned routines!  

Finally, just a run down of why this is a trick that Wayne Dobson, Marc Paul and David Regal love this trick so much...

It fools EVERYONE - even magicians who haven't seen it before.

It is self-working - no moves, sleights

No fishing - no vague language, no outs

Instant reset - put everything back in the wallet, and you are ready to go again

Suitable for table hopping, or stage!

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