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Kaymar Magic

Tubes of Kioma by Roy Baker


A Kaymar Magic exclusive from Roy Baker, this is one of the most commercial routines for children and families available today!

A Do-As-I-Do routine, featuring two brightly coloured plastic tubes - one red and one yellow - and two ropes, similarly coloured. The ropes are threaded through the tubes, and, miraculously, yours stays on, whilst your volunteer’s falls to the floor! Ropes and tubes are exchanged, but the same thing happens. At the end, your volunteer succeeds, but still has not got a clue how she achieved the feat! A lovely lightweight item, which is always ready. Nothing to set up. It’s hard to believe the amount of fun and visual impact which can be achieved with such simple props.

Includes full instructions, deluxe tubes, top quality coloured ropes and secret gimmick!

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