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The ULTIMATE Nudist Deck by Top Secret Magic
Top Secret Magic

The ULTIMATE Nudist Deck by Top Secret Magic

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Brand new, un-opened and unused.

Finally after however many years the is project has been on my shelf I have managed to finish the instructions and make a batch of this great classic trick.

The Effect: The magician fans and spreads though a deck of cards and shows both sides to be completely blank. He concentrates on a playing card (which he names), cuts the deck, and magically prints the face of that card! But, it has no back. The rest of the deck is shown still blank. Next a back appears but it has no face. Now he makes faces and backs appear on all the cards, which are clearly shown on both sides. Finally all the printing disappears and the magician ends up where he started with a completely blank deck of cards. Completely self contained, an ideal trick for table-hopping. Instantly ready for a repeat performance.

This is the Classic Ken Brooke style cut "on the slant" you can show both sides of the deck at any time. Printed or blank, front and back!

This was, and still is the ultimate version of R.W. HULL'S "Mental Photography / Nudist - Deck" as made by the great Ken Brooke.

Painstakingly crafted here at the Top Secret HQ. I promise you you won't be disappointed! "M"

Manufactured and sold with permission from Paul Stone who owns the worldwide manufacturing and marketing rights to the Ken Brooke Range of Magic.

"Beautifully made." - Graham Jolley

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