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Kaymar Magic


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To celebrate the new release of Steve Cook's 'Lockdown!' (and his awesome magic in general!) we are offering SIX bundles of ALL Steve's Kaymar releases!

This gives you an amazing price, and is also the only way to get your hands on one of the LAST 'DETECTION' effects!  Only SIX remain!

Check out the playlist above to see Steve's remarkable magic - all practical, easy to do, hard hitting and above all, commercial!

You will receive Steve's BRAND NEW effect, and his other three best selling kaymar releases!

LOCKDOWN - The definitive padlock routine.  The spectator picks a combination at random, but it doesn't open the lock!  You say 'you got the right numbers, but not the right order - trust your instincts, and re-arrange them!'  They do, and the lock pops open!!  Regular lock, no gaffs, no forcing - the spectator can freely make the combination they like!  KILLER!

The GAMBLE - Pocket mentalism at its very best.  A prediction is handed to the spectator, who places it in their pocket.  Then, four poker chips are shown, all different colours, and they are dropped into the attractive empty wallet, and mixed.  When the spectator chooses one, it MATCHES THE PREDICTION IN THEIR POCKET!  Instant reset!  Includes the wallet, poker chips and full routine and video instructions.

DETECTION - A murder mystery where your spectator is the star witness!  You reveal a genuinely freely chosen Murderer, Victim and Weapon, with all the choices made while the cards are in your spectators hands!  No forces, no moves or sleights, and everything is examinable.  You'll fool yourself!  Custom cards and plastic storage case included, with full routine and video instructions.

BAGGED! - A card is freely chosen and signed by the spectator, and genuinely returned to the middle of the pack.  The Joker is then removed, 'blindfolded', and dropped into a bag (you can use a cloth bag, or a self-seal clear bag - both are supplied!) Then suddenly the Joker escapes - reappearing reversed in the centre of the deck... which leaves the SIGNED SELECTION now in the bag the spectator was holding!  Ingenious handling means it's super clean, there's no forces, and everything ends examinable!  Includes bags, routine and special gimmicks - you just supply a deck of cards and the pen!


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