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If you missed out on the Kaymar Magic Advent Calendar the first time around, now is your chance to grab 24 brand new and unpublished tricks from Liam Montier (and a guest contribution from Jack Tighe!)

Below is the ad copy for the original project.  Note that you will receive a download link to an eBook, with all the featured tricks inside.

Many, many thanks for your interest in this festive magic experiment!  I’ve wanted to do something like a ‘magic advent calendar’ for a few years, but never got around to it before.  But this year, some friends bullied me into it, and I happened to have a whole bunch of tricks, so rather than the customary eBook or two, I thought this could be more fun!

So, what to expect?  Well, when you sign up for the Kaymar Magic Advent Calendar, you will receive one trick per day, by email, starting on the 1st of December, all the way through to the 24th.

What sort of material?  It’s card tricks, (although there might be a couple of surprises!) and ranges from the total self-workers up to, I’d say, easy card magic.  There’s nothing more complicated than the occasional Double Lift or Elmsley Count.

How do you receive it?  Each trick will be sent by email to your email address on file when you purchase the Advent Calendar.  If you need it sent to a different address, that’s totally fine - just let me know.  We kept it digital to avoid postage costs and delays, and to make it accessible to all.

What format do I receive them in?  Each new trick will be emailed in normal email format.  No attachments, no downloading, no stress.  If you can receive the email, you can read your new trick on the go, anytime, anywhere!

What sort of tricks are in it?  Well, there’s a HUGE selection, but here’s a few to expect.

There’s four Ace productions from a shuffled deck, a kicker finish for the Biddle trick, an impromptu version of the ‘Zodiac Prediction’, new twists on sandwich tricks and assemblies, ACAAN (including a version from Jack Tighe) and a signed card to picture frame that will melt brains, and many, many more!

How much of this material has been published before?  Literally NONE of it.  Not only is all the material unpublished, but most of it hasn't ever been seen or read by ANYONE ELSE!  It's just you, me and the trick!

Sold!  How do I sign up?  Just purchase the item through the website as normal, and your email will go onto the list, and starting from the 1st of December 2019, you will receive one new unpublished trick a day, until the 24th of December 2019!



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