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Steve Cook MEGA DEAL!  JUST 12 SETS AVAILABLE! - Kaymar Magic
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£30.00 £38.00

Get a GREAT PRICE on two of our BEST SELLERS by Steve Cook!

Liam says...

The GAMBLE has been one of the best selling tricks we've put out in Kaymar, but now the wallets are basically impossible to get hold of.  There are about a dozen units left in stock, but they don't have the snazzy packaging... and there's no point getting a new run of packaging done to house a couple of units!

So, I thought I'd offer them at a BARGAIN PRICE with Steve's 'BAGGED' - one of the most commercial card tricks I've ever performed!

Both would normally cost you £38 - but you save a HUGE £8 just because the Gamble doesn't have the little cardboard box.  BARGAIN ALERT!

Check out the demos below, and get in fast for the savings (and the very last Gambles available!)




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