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Stephen Tucker MEGA BUNDLE!  Just 12 IN STOCK! - Kaymar Magic
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Stephen Tucker MEGA BUNDLE! Just 12 IN STOCK!

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Stephen Tucker is a creative whirlwind, and here we offer FOUR of his very best pieces of card magic.  All visual, all easy to do and all absolute KILLERS!

There's just 12 bundles available!  Each one includes;


You remove a packet of cards (say, the four Nines) and one by one, they flip face down (with no moves!).  You then suddenly remove four cards from your pocket - but they are the Nines!  The cards in your hand are now the ACES! And EVERYTHING can now be examined!

DVD includes a ton of routines and variations, full instructions and teaches how to make the gimmicks as well, for different versions.  Also included is one of the special gimmicks, ready made to get you rocking and rolling.

Please note that this comes in a small DVD wallet as shown, rather than the full size cases (Stephen used to package them like this for lectures and conventions).


The Rising Card is one of the most visual tricks possible with a deck of cards, and Stephen's version is easy to do, works with up to three cards, and gives you full control over the rises, without any threads, weights, magnets or wires.  A truly practical version that's easy to do and hard hitting!

Includes the full routine and 'special something' that makes it all work!


This is a KILLER trick, and one that Kaymar will be revamping at some point in the future.  Here in it's original form, it's a dynamite version of the 'Ultimate Three Card Trick'.  A spectator tries to follow the red 'money' card, but it impossibly skips around the two black cards, before vanishing entirely, reappearing from the pocket, and then changing colour on the back!

Includes the special set of bicycle cards, and full instructions.


Probably the most visual trick that Kaymar has ever produced, Jumping Jokers combines two shocking moments.  First, the deck slowly and eerily cuts itself at the first Joker, and then suddenly the second one FIRES out of the deck at high speed!  You pocket the Jokers, and then the rest of the deck is clean, examinable and ready for the rest of your set!

Includes special gimmick, extra gimmick to make up your chosen back design, printed booklet with full routine, and online video links.

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