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Simon Lovell SUPER BUNDLE!
Kaymar Magic

Simon Lovell SUPER BUNDLE!

£25.00 £50.00

This is a collection of Simon's tricks, available at a special price ONLY for his special ZOOM guests!

You get...

SLOB - The most FOOLING 'Brainwave' Deck ever - with no gaffs or sticky rough and smooth!

SUPER PLAY IT STRAIGHT - A showstopping double 'triumph' like nothing you've ever seen before - and no moves!

THE BERMUDA TRIO - Learn Simon's 'Twinkle' routine, a shocking regular deck three way 'Do-As-I-Do' and two more versions for all manner of performing conditions.

THE FLOATING KEY CARD... PLUS - This booklet teaches new ideas and techniques for when you absolutely must fool ALL the magicians!  No sleight of hand, just sheer cunning!

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