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Royal Command by Nick Langham

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Nick Langham's Royal Command Is an easy to perform card rise that’s like no other.
Not many card tricks get the same reaction as a rising card effect!
Your spectator creates an almost perfect poker hand in their mind (almost because they need a fifth card to complete it). They scan through the imaginary cards in their hand and for the first time name the missing card ie suit and value (remember this hand only exists in their mind) You now draw attention to a deck which has been on full view throughout the performance. The cards are removed from the deck and you ask your spectator to concentrate on the card that will complete their winning hand. The thought of card now eerily rises from the deck!
This is a sure-fire, commercial crowd pleaser!  
Set includes gimmicks and a DVD with tips, presentations and bonus ideas. (Just add your own deck)
Royal Command Is
Easy To Perform
No Sleight of hand
Instant Reset
Quick to learn
Gets amazing reactions

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